Placer County is a special place for us. Our businesses and family have thrived here, and we can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Isabel Domeyko, President and co-founder.

About Domeyko Taylor Holding Company

Investing in Placer County’s Future

Early in their still developing careers, business leaders Clifton Taylor and Isabel Domeyko learned that they enjoyed playing a role in building stronger communities. As they each decided to start their own business in Placer County — Domeyko as founder of New Economics & Advisory and Taylor as founder of Taylor Builders — that community-building focus became even stronger. Now, having tied their businesses together under the Domeyko Taylor Holding Company banner, they see themselves as true community-focused investors.
“Placer County is a special place for us. Our businesses and family have thrived here, and we can’t imagine being anywhere else.” – Isabel Domeyko
Domeyko Taylor

“We’re fortunate that our businesses have grown and given us the opportunity to make more significant community investments. We know that ur success is tied to the overall strength of the region”, says Domeyko.

Founded in 2017, Taylor Builders invests in and develops residential California. President Clifton Taylor, a real estate professional with two decades of experience, says, “We pride ourselves on managing projects so that they tangibly benefit the communities we’re a part of. That includes having strong relationships with our building industry partners and always seeking to understand the perspectives of our neighbors.”

With direct funding from JEN Partners, a real estate private equity fund, Taylor Builders has acquired several significant projects in Placer County and other Northern California jurisdictions. One recent Taylor investment is in Fiddyment Ranch in West Roseville. “Placer County is a key submarket for the Sacramento region’s growth because of a balance of employment opportunities and overall economic development,” Taylor says.

The company is also involved in resort development under the Mountainside Builders brand and in 2018 became the primary developer at Northstar California Resort in Placer County near Lake Tahoe. “As a local developer, we’re more responsive to community needs and accountable to stakeholders compared to corporations making decisions from somewhere else.”

At New Economics & Advisory, Domeyko advises public, private and nonprofit clients about how to make projects and communities more economically sustainable.

Using her experience in urban economics and planning, she provides market insight, financial forecasting and economic-impact studies to help guide rational investment strategies in infrastructure and programming. “Many communities face difficult decisions about the type and scale of public investment to support their economic-development efforts, and I try to help make that process easier for them,” Domeyko says. Founded in 2011, New Economics & Advisory has completed multiple studies on the economic value of places like Apple Hill, highlighting jobs, economic benefits, visitor spending, and infrastructure needed to support tourism and local residents’ quality of life.

The couple’s most visible contribution to the region’s recreation and economic well-being is its investment in the Lincoln Potters Baseball Club, with Domeyko serving as president and Taylor its chief financial officer. The team supports the redevelopment of the City of Lincoln’s McBean Stadium as a home for the William Jessup University team. The Potters are a woodbat summertime team for college-age players. Its schedule includes 35 home games with fireworks, music, a mascot, food, wine and local craft beers. Each game draws an average of 1,000 spectators.

“Four of our players have been drafted by major league teams, and we expect to have multiple members of our 2020 team selected,” Taylor says. “It’s been a lot of fun and more rewarding than we could’ve imagined.” The Potters is a chance to partner with and promote other Placer County region businesses, and Domeyko says, “This is homegrown family-friendly entertainment that Lincoln has really embraced, we’re proud to be members of that community.”